Notice to Metal Product from Dun & Bradstreet on the award of the Platinum Creditworthiness Certificate of Excellence


Platinasti Bonitet

“According to the internationally recognised criteria of the business intelligence and analytics company Dun & Bradstreet, Metal Product has met the standard of Platinum Creditworthiness Excellence.

The Platinum Creditworthiness Excellence Rating is awarded exclusively to companies that have displayed the highest level of creditworthiness excellence, the "AAA Gold Rating", for three years in a row.

Based on the international methodology and financial analysis carried out in Croatia, only 1.06% out of a total of 263,933 registered business entities manage to meet the standard of Platinum Creditworthiness Excellence, and Metal Product is one of them.

The Platinum Creditworthiness Excellence is the rating used by credit rating agencies to evaluate the creditworthiness of a certain company during a longer period and based on various criteria. This rating is made up of several parts, such as the company’s solvency rating, creditworthiness, indebtedness, profit, and other business risk criteria.

Due to the current situation, the pandemic and its negative impact on the economy, strict requirements were put in place which need to be met for the award of the Creditworthiness Certificate of Excellence. By following the criteria that were stricter than the ones established in the previous years, we have managed to adapt to market uncertainty. This makes our company’s achievement even more significant.

A Platinum Creditworthiness Excellence company is the most reliable, credible and low-risk business entity which is suitable for cooperation with all types of business partners: suppliers, customers, insurers and other business partners.

The Platinum Creditworthiness Excellence represents an above-average level of creditworthiness excellence among the companies that have displayed a high level of creditworthiness excellence, the AAA Gold Rating, for three years in a row. It is based on company’s accounting documents and other dynamic indicators and shows operation which is expected to be above-average safe and successful in the following twelve months.

Business entities holding the Platinum Creditworthiness Excellence Certificate have a 91% chance of maintaining the creditworthiness excellence rating in the following year.”

We are extremely proud that, 55 years since our company’s establishment, we have managed to get this kind of recognition of our successful business operations that we carried out in the last 3 years to protect our company, Metal Product, from all of the external consequences. Furthermore, we see this as the recognition of our vertical integration business model which is used to control every process of our product manufacturing and a higher inventory level, which enables us to deliver products to our customers without interruptions.