Development, in a broader sense, began with the start of the company. This guiding principle of continuous development has been the only way to improvement and market presence for so many years.

Increase in production volume and growth of the company in accordance with the principles of sustainable development led to establishment of a separate department for development. Our guiding principle is continuous growth, regarding the improvement of product quality, customer satisfaction and production optimization. Furthermore, we continuously invest in new technologies and knowledge, as well as in keeping up with global market trends.

Machine processing

Machine processing is equipped with modern CNC technology for precise metal processing. We have more than 25 CNC processing centres for drilling, milling and turning and over 20 specialized automated machines.

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Metal pressing and punching

A large number of production activities for our products is carried out in facilities for processing using deformation and cutting on machines created in our toolroom. We process a broad variety of metal materials (aluminium and copper, aluminium and cooper alloys, construction steel). Metal pressing and punching is carried out on excenter and hydraulic press machines of 10 to 400 tons, using a procedure of hot and cold forging on 35 different machines, some of which are automated and robotized in order to meet the requirements for serial production.

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Aluminium casting using pressure casting and permanent mold casting. Machines for pressure casting of 180 to 1,100 tons of closing force are equipped with a fully robotized technology, enabling high quality processes for production of casts weighing up to 20 kg. The total production capacity for pressure casting is approximately 2,000 tons of casts annually. In gravity mold casting we have press machines for casts of up to 10 kg.

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Machine processing of metal by localized compressive force, better known as forging is the newest technology added to Metal Product portfolio. Our team is working on further developing forging of steel and alloys for wider product range. Metal Product has six friction press machines, with operating force of 270-1250 ton and a forging hammer with 1600kJ of power. Currently owned machines used for forging and new machines that have been ordered, will be mounted in our new production hall once building process is fully completed.

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We have extensive experience in tool production for our production and our associates. In addition to classic technology and machinery, we use the latest technological developments, computer design, and machine processing in CNC processing centres by applying computer generated programmes, and also machines for simpler shapes.

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Welding and metal structures

Thanks to our certified welders and welding robots as well as our equipment for sheet metal cutting (using plasma, hydraulic shears and press machines), we have a large production capacity for various metal structures and machine parts.

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Quality control

In our own laboratory, which is equipped with 3D measuring devices, CNC equipment for testing compression and tensile forces up to 1000 kN, magnaflux, devices for testing hardness and mechanical testing, we control our production processes. Furthermore, in order to obtain required certificates and test certificates, we test our products in cooperation with authorized institutions.

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Injection - In our product range, you can also find polymer artefacts, which we produce in our production facilities.

Al-Cu joint - We are the only company in the entire Southeast Europe which has a machine for joining aluminium and copper.

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