Our Partners

During its 50 years, Metal Product has collaborated and delivered products to many diverse customers and companies, domestic and foreign.

HEP (Hrvatska elektroprivreda d.d. - Croatian Power Utility company), one of the largest state-owned legal entities, is definitely our most important and biggest long-standing customer. Since the largest part of our product range is intended for electric power distribution, where the main users are electricity companies, beside Croatia, we also supply energy equipment to other European countries, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Hungary, Germany and Austria.

For many years, Metal Product has been cooperating with two well-known and globally successful corporations – ABB from Finland on production activities and assembly of medium voltage disconnectors, primarily focusing on the domestic market, and TE Connectivity from Germany on production of cable accessories up to 1 kV . During 20 years, our cooperation has developed in such a way that we now have a local kitting partnership agreement for the domestic market, which refers to assembly, packaging and sale of heat-shrinkable accessories up to 1kV, while in our production facilities we produce more then 120 products that TE Connectivity launches to its partners in Europe and world wide.

High, uncompromising quality which we have been investing in since the beginning and reliability of Metal Product as a long-term partner led to a significant increase of production volumes and new partnership agreements with companies Mosdorfer, Pfisterer and WAM Group Italy, as well as expansion of partnership with TE Connectivity in 2014. The mentioned new, expanded and existing cooperation resulted in a 200% increase of export in 2014 in relation to 2013.

In 2012, in cooperation with companies Energy plus d.o.o. and Data link d.o.o. we developed a new product - aluminum housings for LED lamps. It is a project involving highly efficient LED lighting with intelligent control for industrial facilities, institutions, airports, halls, warehouses, etc.

Over the years, our reference list has increased. Here are some of our key partners: