Quality control

In our laboratory, we use the following equipment: a 3D coordinate measuring machine for measuring dimensions with an accuracy of ± 1.5 µm, static vertical testing machines for measuring tensile strength of 0 – 100 kN and 0 – 400 kN, a horizontal testing machine of working length 12 m of 0 – 1000 kN, a dynamic testing machine of 320 kN with an amplitude of 50 mm and frequency of 1 – 120 Hz. Testing machines are in accuracy class of 0.5.

We also have a Magnetoflux for measuring and detecting hidden faults on the surface of products, and an X-ray for measuring deformations and defects in material and castings, with installed capacity of 160 kV, as well as instruments for measuring the hardness of input materials and finished products according to the Brinell and Rockwell HRC, HRB and HRA methods.

The laboratory has a system for current tests of jointing equipment for power transmission, direct current resistance tests of 1 – 4000 A, alternating current cyclic aging tests for jointing equipment and associated conductors of 1 – 3600 A according to CEI IEC 61284 and BS 3288 / Part I. The system is automated with great measurement accuracy of electrical properties of conductors and their associated terminals.


One of the devices is a spectrometer type ARL 3460 for chemical analysis of materials with a base for steel, copper and aluminium with certified control standards for these bases, which is used for the control of input materials, intermediate products, profiles and raw materials for casting, control of casting baths and finished products after casting.

All of this equipment has been certified at accredited calibration laboratories which possess valid accreditation for instruments and equipment being calibrated.

For all performed tests and controls, the laboratory issues protocols with reports according to applicable EU standards or the request of the customer.

The laboratory is in the process of accreditation according to the EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard.