Notice to Metal Product from Dun & Bradstreet on the award of the Platinum Creditworthiness Certificate of Excellence


“According to the internationally recognised criteria of the business intelligence and analytics company Dun & Bradstreet, Metal Product has met the standard of Platinum Creditworthiness Excellence.

The Platinum Creditworthiness Excellence Rating is awarded exclusively to companies that have displayed the highest level of creditworthiness excellence, the "AAA Gold Rating", for three years in a row.

Based on the international methodology and financial analysis carried out in Croatia, only 1.06% out of a total of 263,933 registered business entities manage to meet the standard of Platinum Creditworthiness Excellence, and Metal Product is one of them.

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President of the Republic of Croatia attended Metal Product’s celebration of 55 years since its foundation by Mr Stjepan Šafran.

Zagreb—The Metal Product company, founded by Mr Stjepan Šafran, who remains the sole shareholder of the company, marked its 55th anniversary on 4 October 2022. According to the data held on record by Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Metal Product is the oldest company in Croatia whose founder still actively takes parts in the company’s operations.

“We are very proud of the fact that what once started as a sole proprietorship in a small garage has now become a company with more than 250 employees, 15,000 m2 of production facilities and 85% of export-oriented production”, said Metal Product’s founder, Mr Stjepan Šafran.

Mr Šafran founded Metal Product in 1967, at the age of 22. The business operated under the name Šafran Workshop in a 35 m2 garage, in Yugoslavia, which was an unfavourable environment for privately-owned businesses. Despite all of that adversity, Mr Šafran has managed to create a very reputable company well known both in Croatia and Europe for its quality, innovation, reliability and customer service. Throughout the years, Metal Product has managed to successfully overcome all challenges and difficult times it has faced, such as two pandemics, several political regimes, the Homeland War and global crises. During the wars in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Metal Product played a crucial role in the renewal of the electricity grid. Metal Product made a huge step forward after Croatia’s accession to the EU, when its long-standing business partners declared Metal Product their strategic partner and significantly broadened their cooperation. With major investments in increasing its capacities, adopting new technologies, as well as in digitalisation, automatization and robotisation of production processes over the course of the last 10 years, Metal Product has kept its operations stable and extremely competitive.

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President Milanović Meets with Metal Product Company Management, as it Marks 55 Years in Business


The President of the Republic Zoran Milanović met today in the Office of the President with a delegation of the company Metal Product, which is celebrating 55 years in business. The delegation included founder, owner and Chairman of the company’s Supervisory Board Stjepan Šafran, Chairman of the Management Board Igor Vrdoljak and Chairman of the Supervisory Board Dr. Mladen Vedriš.

At the meeting, the delegation presented the company to President Milanović, which since its establishment in 1967 specializes in machine metal processing and the production of metal structures and energy equipment. Metal Product currently employs 280 workers and over 80 percent of its production is export-oriented. According to the delegation, the company is achieving good results on the domestic and foreign markets, despite the presence of numerous challenges there. Metal Product and Stjepan Šafran, one of the doyens of entrepreneurship in Croatia, are recipients of many awards and recognitions. President Milanović congratulated Mr. Šafran and Metal Product management on the jubilee anniversary for the company’s successes in tradesmanship and entrepreneurship, which will be celebrated at a ceremony in Zagreb in early October.

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Organizational Changes in Metal Product


At the end of this business year, which was extremely specific with all its events as it was the year of COVID, we want to present the organizational changes that have happened in Metal Product for which we believe will be the foundation for an even better future.

The reorganization we are hereby presenting, is a result of a process that lasted several years in developing a new business model which we believe is a foundation for the future progress, new projects and fresh ideas. To offset the new corporate structure, Mr. Šafran resigned from the position of President of the Board of Metal Product last week and a Supervisory Board was established that has appointed a new Management Board.

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Stjepan Šafran received EY Entrpreneur of the Year 2020


Mr. Stjepan Šafran received on Friday 13.11.2020 another prestigious award - EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2020. He was among the 6 finalists who were presented the award in a live streaming event.

In his speech mr. Šafran mentioned how establising a company 53 years ago when he was only 22 years old, was much different than now considering all the difficulties he had to overcome, crises he survived and the business environment he was working in. Now he is preparing for the 3rd generation of the family to take over the business so that he can focus on what he loves most - R&D and tehnology.

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Stjepan Šafran receives Varaždin County Lifetime Achievement Award


This year’s Lifetime Achievement Award receiver is Stjepan Šafran, a prominent entrepreneur, whose work and 50 years of experience in business have made a lasting contribution to the development of metal industry, business, and promotion of the Varaždin County.

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Warsaw, Poland – 04 December 2019 Stjepan Šafran from Croatia has been named Winner of the European Entrepreneur of the Year in the Grand Final of this year’s European Business Awards, at an exclusive awards ceremony held in Warsaw, Poland.

The Judges have awarded the individual who demonstrates vision, a persevering approach to enterprise expansion, placing them at the heart of the business by identifying opportunity, understanding objectives, formulating ideas and making decisions, as well as acting as an inspiration to others to achieve greater business success. There are 7 criteria that the Judges used to score, these are: leadership, real customer focus, engaging people, creativity & innovation, ethics and results & growth.

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Albanian president visits Varaždin County, awards honorary consul


VARAŽDIN, 30 October 2019 (HINA) – On Wednesday, in Breznički Hum, the president of Albania Ilir Meta awarded the honorary consul of his country Stjepan Šafran for special civic merit in assisting the Albanian diaspora in Croatia and promoting Croatian economic investments in Albania.

During his state visit to Croatia, Ilir Meta visited the Varaždin County. He was welcomed by both Varaždin and Koprivnica-Križevci County prefects, Radimir Čačić and Darko Koren, on the Šafran family estate.

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Metal Product was named the best company in Croatia in its category in the prestigious European Business Awards.

Metal Product has been named "National Winner" as the best company in its category at the European Business Awards 2019, one of the largest business competitions in the world.

Metal Product was selected from 2,753 businesses that have been named "Ones to Watch" in the list of business excellence published in July 2019. As a National Winner for the Republic of Croatia, it has been selected by a Council of independent judges including business leaders, politicians and academics. It is the best company in Croatia in the category “European Entrepreneur of the Year”. Metal Product will represent Croatia in the final stage of the competition on December 3 and 4 in Warsaw, the capital of Poland.

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Metal Product named as one of Europe’s best in first ever ‘Ones to Watch’ list


Metal Product has been named as ‘One to Watch’ in Europe in a list of business excellence published by the European Business Awards, one of world’s largest and longest running business competitions.

The European Business Awards is one of the world’s largest and most prestigious cross border, cross sector business competitions. Its primary purpose is to support and develop a stronger, more successful, innovative and ethical business community in Europe, as it believes businesses play a key role in addressing major issues faced across the world. The European Business Awards is now in its 12th year. Last year it considered over 111,000 businesses from 34 countries.

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Employees of Metal Product organized a team building


Metal Product employees participated in the team building that was organized at the DVD Šćepanje on Saturday, July 27th 2019. We organized this gathering as a thank you to all of our employees for their hard work and engagement this year.

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Stjepan Šafran, President of the Board of Metal Product is among the rewarded by the President


The President of the Republic of Croatia, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, presented awards and decoratoins to scientists, cultural and health workers, athletes and businessmen for their contribution to promoting humanity and social values on the occasion of the Statehood Day.

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Metal Product has a new director (CEO)


Igor Vrdoljak is a new employee of Metal Producta from 1.6.2019. on the position director of the company (CEO) with the main task to continue the process of transforming the company from a successful craftshop into a self-sustaining and successful medium-sized company.

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Our CFO Barbara Vuković on behalf of Metal Product had the honor of opening the London Stock Exchange Market


Today Our CFO Barbara Vuković on behalf of Metal Product had the honor of opening the London Stock Exchange Market. It is such a big recognition for Metal Product to be a part of the ELITE program and to see our logo at the LSE. This gives us such a boost of motivation to keep doing what we know best, to endure all the setbacks, to fight all the problems and embrace the success that awaits.

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SelectUSA Summit 2019


On the occasion of the SelectUSA Summit 2019, which is organised with the aim of promoting FDI in the United States, but besides the US investment environment, it focuses on industry trends and new development opportunities, Mr. William Robert Kohorst, Ambassador of the USA in Croatia organized a reception on 17th April 2019.

Representatives of the prime Croatian companies, primarily with experience in export were invited, including the representatives of Metal Product Mr. Stjepan Šafran, President of the Management Board and Barbara Vuković, Member of the Management Board.

In addition to a pleasant social gathering, all present exchanged their business experiences in Croatia and beyond, and got to know the basic idea of the SelectUSA Summit, which will be held this year from 10th to 12th June in Washington.

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Cadets of the Croatian Military Academy "dr. Franjo Tuđman" visit Metal Product


In support of the practical part of the professional teaching at the University Study of Military Engineering of the Croatian Military Academy "dr. Franjo Tuđman" in Zagreb on 29.3.2019 Metal Product hosted 44 cadets of the 8th semester, and within the framework of a series of practical exercises from the subject of Production Technology, led by the associate professor Mirko Jakopčić, retired brigadier.

During the study program, cadets take classes in a large number of technical subjects focused on the underlying technical sciences as well as on the engineering and technological solutions applied in the production and maintenance of military equipment.

This visit gives them insight into production technologies applied in production facilities in Odra and in Breznički Hum, the implementation of quality control in accordance with ISO norms, and acquaints the cadets, future officers and engineers of military engineering, with the immediate organization and application of such technologies.

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New Award for Mr. Stjepana Šafrana


The President of the Austrian Federal Government Burgenland (Gradišće) Mr. Hans Niessl awarded on Monday, 25 February 2019. to Mr. Stjepan Šafran high award for the contribution to better and more successful international cooperation between the people of Europe, especially in relation to the Burglenland State, and the spread of good neighbourly relations, peace and friendship between the people of Europe.

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Metal Product won an award at Lider invest 2018


On Wednesday, 24 October 2018, Metal Product was awarded the prize for the best medium-sized investment in the category 100% Lider invest at the award ceremony Lider invest 2018 organised by the company Lider media – business weekly magazine Lider.

The criteria for awarding the prizes in 10 different categories included the share of exports, the number of new jobs and state-of-the-art technology. In addition, the investment had to create prerequisites for as many new employments as possible, contribute to the development of the manufacturing industry and to the overall competitiveness of the Croatian economy, it had to introduce and develop new technologies, increase security and the quality of life for citizens, contribute to sustainable growth and environmental protection and create added value. Metal Product fulfilled all of these criteria, and was thus awarded the prize in the category of businesses.

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Certifikate EN ISO 3834-2:2007 - Welded steel components for the suspension
of rail power supply conductors


On 18.10.2018., upon completion of the certification procedure, Metal Product was awarded a certificate in accordance with EN ISO 3834-2:2007 standard – Welded steel components for the suspension of rail power supply conductors.

Information on all the other certificates we have been awarded can be found here.

General Data Protection Regulation which entered into force on 25 May 2018


Dear Sir or Madam,
in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation which entered into force on 25 May 2018, we are required to ask for your consent to collect your personal data which you give us when downloading our catalogues (name and surname, address, email address, phone numbers).

Said data will be used exclusively to provide information, deliver products and provide the services you order from us.

Data security will be safeguarded with the utmost attention and we will take all appropriate steps in accordance with the regulations on personal data protection which apply in the Republic of Croatia and the European Union.

By sending a statement of approval with your data, it will be considered that you have given us your consent to use your personal data which we will, as mentioned earlier, use only to contact you regarding our business cooperation.

Yours sincerely, Metal Product